Mannar Kiteshop & Repair services

You need a kite repair kit, a  lycra, a sun cream (zinc)sun glasses, a mosquito repellent or just want to find a present ? Come visit our kite shop. Our Kitesurf shop is as well equipped with a repair section where we can get your kite fixed !

Kites we sell at Mannar kitecamp

With high standards in Quality and Labour Conditions, Sri Lanka has been chosen as a preferred destination for the manufacture of leading Kite Brands.


Zian Kiteboarding is the collaboration of an eclectic group of kiters and manufacturing professionals with a common vision: Make high performance kites without compromising on design, build quality or materials. Zian kite are same quality as North Kite boarding but way cheaper. Come on try, you will like it. Tests run possible if you want to buy.

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Kitesurfinglanka is the official Ozone Kites distributor in Sri Lanka

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