Kiteschool & rental

Learn to kite with Kitesurfing Mannar !

Mannar is one of the best spots in the world to learn kitesurfing with its waist-deep water. The spot is great to make photo shootings and kitesurf movies. Usually we do 3 hours lesson in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon.

Vayu provide Kitesurfing course in many languages, Coaching lessons from going upwind to the latest tricks and Kiteboarding equipment rental.


kiteschool mannar

Kiteschool Rates

Kiteboard Lessons

Discovery Course 2 hrsWind window theory, first piloting and basic skills on foil kite105 individual/ 70 group (if available)
Kiteboarder Level 13 hrsWind mechanism, set up of equipment, first piloting of 4-line kite155 individual/ 105 group (if available)
Kiteboarder Level 26 hrsBody drag downwind and upwind, self rescue, water start theory290 individual/ 190 group (if available)
Kiteboarder Level 39 hrsFirst riding, controlled stop, control riding speed by edging405 individual/ 275 group (if available)
Level 3 Advanced3 hrsRefresher package for anyone who already had some kiteboard lessons and wants to improve riding skills, first transitions etc.155 individual/ 100 group (if available)
Private Lesson1 hrIndividual private lesson 1 to 1 for optimal results and fast learning, enjoy the luxury of having one instructor dedicated just to yourself60€
A typical day consists of 2-3 hours of lessons. Individual arrangements can be made with your instructor. All lessons include equipment and transport. Please bring sun cream, sunglasses and booties.
We can not guarantee availability of group lessons. Please ask the school manager for further informations. See you on the water 😉


Kitesurf Rental

1 day3 days5 days1 week10 days2 weeks
Full equipment€70€175€265€350€450€600
The equipment is checked daily for optimal safety and learning experience.
Kite Gear Insurance: 150€/ week or 25€/ day, remember if you break gear without having insurance you will have to pay for the repair.