Kite clinics

Here at Vayu we believe that everyone can improve something about the way they kite, and we want to help you do just that. Whether you’re working on your upwind riding position, trying your first jumps, or even trying to crack that elusive backmobe, our advanced clinics could be the perfect solution for you. Our advanced instructors Zac and Ola have been kiting well over 2 decades combined, and have been teaching for half that time so they know exactly how to help you improve your technique, and can suggest the next steps and/or new tricks for you to try.

Our clinics are designed to help give you the confidence and the know how to push yourself safely, with theory, demonstrations, and video coaching to show you exactly where your mistakes are being made. It’s difficult in the moment to know what’s gone wrong with a trick, and being able to see the mistake on video makes it much easier to correct the next time. We’ll even throw in some nice photos at the end of your stay so you can show off to your mates what new skills you’ve picked up.


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You can choose either to organise your own group of friends to come for a clinic, or you can just sign up solo and join a group of other like minded people. It can be hard to push yourself to try something new when you know you’re going to crash, that’s why a group clinic is great because you have a group of people all pushing themselves, so everybody is crashing and laughing it off, it’s by far the most fun you can have while learning something new!

Our clinics run for either 3 or 7 days and you can choose how hard you want to push yourself, full days or half days, group clinics or individual coaching sessions.


The Weekender 3 days, 9 hours
3 x 3 hour coaching sessions
Individual price: €350
Group price: €240pp
(minimum 2 people)
The Week 6 days, 18 hours
6 x 3 hour coaching sessions
Group price: €400pp
(minimum 4 people)
The FULL Week 6 days, 36 hours
12 x 3 hour coaching sessions
Group price: €700pp
(minimum 4 people)
Girls Progression 6 days, 12 hours, 2 daily yoga sessions
6 x 2 hour coaching sessions
Individual price: €350
Group price: €330pp
(minimum 4 people)

***Clinic prices (the week, FULL week and girls progression) get discounted for larger groups up to 10 people, please enquire directly***

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