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Kitetrip with Vayu kite camp

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Our new take, downwinders! Join us on an adventure – the first of it’s kind in Sri Lanka – as we embark from Kitesurfing Lanka and ride downwind all the way to our Vayu resort at Adam’s bridge. Over the course of 3 days we’ll kite downwind for around 100km, stopping in some of the most magical spots Sri Lanka has to offer, sleeping on board our beautiful catamaran. You’ll […]


Activities & Excursions with Vayu Resort

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Our team at Vayu Resort will be pleased to help you organize Activities & Excursions to the different highlights of Sri Lanka. Mostly in comfortable reach from Mannar kitecamp. We work with a group of experienced drivers, in comfortable air-con vans they take you to the many UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The ancient city of Polonnaruwa UNESCO World Heritage Site (1982) Kings ruled over Sri Lanka’s central plains from Polonnaruwa around 800 years ago. […]

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How to: Darkslide

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The darkslide is one of those tricks that everyone wants to learn at some point, it’s one of the most common requests during my advanced lessons or clinics, and I personally love doing them, so let’s talk through the basics of how to learn them. There are a few key skills needed to do a dark slide but they’re actually not that difficult, just different from a lot of other […]

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Why take advanced kitesurfing lessons?

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Your kite surf lessons, they were great right? You went from not being able to fly a kite, to being a kickass, totally awesome kiter doing huge 20m jumps in about 3 days……Oooooor probably not. For most of us mere mortals (all you super humans who did what I just described can stop reading at this point, this isn’t for you) getting that good is going to take a LOT […]