Become an Unhooking master!

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Unhooking is really fun and surprisingly easy, but it’s something a lot of people struggle with learning as it’s a new feeling having all the power of the kite directly through your arms. Here I just want to outline the real basics of how to go about learning it, to make it the smoothest possible journey into a new stage of your kitesurfing experience. I’m going to assume you have […]

A (very!) brief history of Adam’s bridge

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The history of Adam’s bridge is a bit of a mystery, with plenty of different theories on how it came to be, some scientific, some religious and some a bit out there, but all interesting! It’s pretty widely accepted that this 50km land bridge from Sri Lanka to India was previously passable on foot, with most sources agreeing it was above sea level until some time in the 15th century. […]

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Kitetrip with Vayu kite camp

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Our new take, downwinders! Join us on an adventure – the first of it’s kind in Sri Lanka – as we embark from Kitesurfing Lanka and ride downwind all the way to our Vayu resort at Adam’s bridge. Over the course of 3 days we’ll kite downwind for around 100km, stopping in some of the most magical spots Sri Lanka has to offer, sleeping on board our beautiful catamaran. You’ll […]