7 things to consider & how to prepare for your first kitesurfing lesson

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Kitesurfing is an awesome sport, and we’re sure you’ll love it. We’re also sure you’ll get your ass kicked at least a couple of times during your kitesurfing lessons, so here are a few tips to better prepare for your upcoming kite adventure!   1. How much time does it take to learn to kitesurf? As with every new skill, learning to kitesurf takes time and a lot of practice. […]

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What is the best spot to learn kitesurfing in Asia?

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  Kitesurfing is taking the world by storm and rightly so! We love this sport and believe everyone should try kitesurfing, chances are you’ll get hooked too! Kitesurfing, or kiteboarding, is a fairly new sport and hands down the coolest water-sport you can learn. It might seem hard, or even dangerous at first, but  when you learn in the right kite spot and with the help of a reputable kite […]

Self-landing; How to land your kite without assistance in 4 simple steps

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You’re having the kitesurfing session of your life, cruising and flying high. You’re really in the flow, landing every trick and just having a bloody jolly time. The stoke is real when that yellow kite that was constantly in your way finally gets back on shore. Now you can really go for it, there’s no more holding back! You edge, you pop, you land … and suddenly notice that everyone […]

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Meetings, events, conferences, and incentive trips are always more enjoyable on a tropical island.

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Whether it be for yoga, dance, meditation, education, church, weddings- whatever your business, The Vayu Resort is a perfect place to host your next event.  With a variety of accommodation options, our facilities are perfect for any group size and budget.  Use the entire space, or just what you need on our 200 acres of secluded land. Just a short walk from Adam’s Bridge, we can host up to 40 […]

Become an Unhooking master!

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Unhooking is really fun and surprisingly easy, but it’s something a lot of people struggle with learning as it’s a new feeling having all the power of the kite directly through your arms. Here I just want to outline the real basics of how to go about learning it, to make it the smoothest possible journey into a new stage of your kitesurfing experience. I’m going to assume you have […]

A (very!) brief history of Adam’s bridge

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The history of Adam’s bridge is a bit of a mystery, with plenty of different theories on how it came to be, some scientific, some religious and some a bit out there, but all interesting! It’s pretty widely accepted that this 50km land bridge from Sri Lanka to India was previously passable on foot, with most sources agreeing it was above sea level until some time in the 15th century. […]