For all, kiters and non kiters we provide a vast range of free activities and excursions.

Take a little time to discover and explore the beauty of Sri Lanka. We are aiming for a maximum of quality and diversity ! If some day you feel that you want to do something different, it will be our pleasure to help and guide you! 

Bird Vayu Mannar

Bird Watchers Paradise

Spending your birdwatching holiday in Mannar will let you observe the beautiful aquatic birds inhabiting the turquoise water area surrounding Vayu resort.



It’s a choice of thinking, it’s a life style. With the yoga techniques we can unit our mind body and spirit. Yoga allows us to experience a deep emotional awareness and meet our true nature.


A massage is a great option for your holidays. Specially after a kiteboarding sessions. Qualified therapists prevent muscle ache and can relax muscular tension with a massage.

stand up paddle boarding kappalady

Stand Up Paddle

Take a little time to discover and explore the beauty of Mannar on a Stand Up Paddle. It can be taught and practice on the ocean in front of the Vayu Resort.

motorbike rental

Motor bike rental

At Mannar kitecamp you can rent a Motorcycle or a Scooter on a daily basis, to explore the Island. It’s a unique experience. Self-driving is the best idea to explore Sri Lanka. Rent a motorbike or a scooter with your friends, your family or your partner. Go for a little trip and visit the town, where you can go shopping. Explore the surroundings and enjoy the view of the mangrove and the beach, both hosting a lot of different bird species. Or… just rent it if you want to go independently to our kite spots surrounding the camp. Mannar is not Bali, we don’t have traffic jams, sometimes you will have the road all for yourself!

polonnaruwa hetadage tooth relic

Cultural excursions & national park visit

Sri Lanka is a a great cultural and historical country... discover the history of the island during a journey to Kandy or visit a national Park to see elephant, leopard, birds and other wild life animals...

Snorkeling & boat trips

The Bar Reef is Sri Lanka’s largest living coral reef. Scuba diving and snorkeling trips are usually coupled with the Dolphin/ Whale Watching Excursions. Mannar kitecamp can link you with professional diving companies if you want to try diving. If you have your own gear, we can help obtain cylinders and guides. Please mail us if you need further information about Scuba Diving possibilities.

Free activities

Don’t miss out on our entertainment

Regularly, we organise aperitif games (mostly short challenges) and big entertained evening games(let us surprise you!)

  • Chill out area :Set on a peaceful and remote spot you will find a perfect environment to relax , read, socialize or watch the amazing sunsets over the indian ocean..
  • Slackline, improve your balance skills
  • Volleyball
  • Pétanque or boulles
  • Darts
  • Books
  • Society games

Join us and be part of the lifestyle, adventure and activity at Mannar kitecamp, we are looking forward to your stay! 

Discover and explore the wonders of Sri Lanka. Check out our Excursions page. It will be our pleasure to guide and help you organize your trip.

Cooking classes

« on demand »

Learn how to cook Sri Lankan food

You will be the cook.

Learn to cut and prepare your favorite dishes!

Invite your friend or family to share the meal with us.

We will send you the recipes by Email.

Bon Appétit !  Enjoy your meal

Dolphins & whales watching

« winter only »

From November to March: you will see pods of 1000 dolphins! Dolphin watching tours are done early mornings. Spinner Dolphins are the most common with Bottlenose, Risso and Indo-Pacific. Humpback Dolphins are seeing regularly.

November to December and March to April showcases the whales. Sperm Whales are the most common. The Blue Whale (largest mammal in the world), Minke, Melon-Headed and Dwarf Sperm whales are also spotted. Recently even Orcas have been photographed on the waters just outside Kandakuliya!

All tours are carried out by certified guides who have been trained by Kitesurfing Lanka to conduct tours in English. They will do a brief on the types of the Dolphins/ Whales we see in addition to sharing valuable information about their behavior and threats these animals face due overfishing.

Creativity workshops

« on demand »

Bracelets, necklaces, ankle laces and silver, coral or shell jewellery.

Give freedom to your creativity!

Join us in our workshops and chose between plenty of designs, colours, beads (wood,stone,glass,porcelain,shell).

We will teach and assist you to finish your creations.

Prices are depending on materials chosen…