Kitesurfing Mannar Island, Sri Lanka

Experience miles of flatwater conditions as well as a mix of wave action on the windward side of the Adams Bridge.

vayu resort aerial - Mannar kitesurfThe wind conditions here are heavenly during the Summer Season from May to October and Winter Season from January to March.

You will be the First Kitesurfers in the area and kite in the most historically significant areas of the Sri Lanka and India. Don’t get tempted, but India’s territorial waters are just 16 KM away!

The Kitesurfing spot is situated right outside your cabana. Set out, pump and off you go Kitesurfing! The Adam’s Bridge offers protective Sand Banks that not only ensure flat water conditions for freestyle but great places for those who want to learn the sport!

Kitesurf Clinics

We believe that everyone can improve something about the way they kite, and we want to help you do just that. Join our kite clinics to reach the next level!

Kitesurf Lesson

Vayu Resorts provide kitesurfing lessons from beginners and advanced riders. Our team of fully qualified IKO instructors are stoked to teach you the sport as well as help you improve your kiting skills! 

Our kite lessons will follow the International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) methodology. You will learn the wind window theory and how to pilot a kite. Then get the basic skills on foil kites. Your instructor will explain what kiteboarding is all about and will teach you the wind mechanisms, setting up your equipment, launching and piloting the kite, learn the safety requirement and kite power management, practice body dragging, self-rescue and water start theories. You will get quickly on the board and will ride the spot like a pro in no time !

Safaris & Kitesurf trips

Explore the seas and lagoons with us. There are many locations that are left to be explored. Make sure you jump on board to share those experiences with us.

Full Day Trips - Euro 45

catamaran kite safari srilanka

Catamaran Cruise

Our catamaran based kite safaris are a luxurious way to see the best and emptiest spots Sri Lanka has to offer. 

Our catamaran provides 3 cabins, 2 double and one triple for a total of 7 guests maximum



You need a kite repair kit, a  lycra, a swimsuit, a sun cream (zinc), of sun glasses, a mosquito cream, a cap, or just to make a present ?

Our Kitesurf shop is although equipped with a repair section where we can get your kite attended to in no time!


Mannar Island wind forecast

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