Vayu Resort: Sri Lanka’s Exclusive Kite Escape

Vāyu: वायु means "air, wind" in Sanskrit.

Dil, Leo and the team welcomes you to the Vayu Resort.  It is a dream location for us Kitesurfers: Pristine Conditions, Virtually the first kiters on the scene, 16 KM of flat water conditions and the most stable, consistent winds Sri Lanka has to offer ! Did we forget to say that you will be surrounded with nature and sharing the elements of Earth, Wind, Water with migratory birds!

Our location is at the start of the Adam’s Bridge on the Mannar Pennisula. You will not get a better location than this for kitesurfing. The sand banks that extend to India are believed to be made by the Ape Men (Hanuman) of the army of Rama to rescue his wife Sita from the Rakshasa King, Ravana and is documented in the chronicles of the Ramayana!

For us Kiters, the wind is at its strongest and consistent in the whole of Sri Lanka. The sandy beaches offer excellent riding conditions for advanced, intermediate and novice Kitesurfers. We have a safety boat and staff to ensure you will have a hassle free and safe experience.

The Kitecamp for 2017 consists of 14 bungalows, and tents, a dinning and stunning chillout zone as well as many areas of relaxation. All meals are included in the price as well as tea and coffee around the clock.

The sunsets as well as the starry nights are stunning. The Vayu camp also offers Yoga, Massage, SUP, Kayaks and Nature Based excursions. All bungalows have a 2 - 4 bed option, attached open to the stars showers and a verandah for you to relax.

As with our setup in Kalpitiya, the vibes will remain the same. We continue to be a rustic location with lots of care and attention to detail. We offer Western and Local food. The local food reflects the different culture and cuisine that's found in the North of Sri Lanka.

The camp is about 300 KM from the airport in Colombo. On route you could stop to see the Elephants and Ancient Cities as well. A shared taxi option is also available to save cost.

The protected sand banks of Mannar are renown for strong winds and migratory birds visiting place. You are in  an Ornitholgists Dream Escape with countless species that can be spotted from your verandah!

Go where the Wind takes you

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We have 3 types of kitesurfing accommodation set in a beautiful environment, with either an ocean or garden view, at walking distance from the spot...

With our team of passionate and qualified instructors, you are sure to make great progress in kitesurf during your stay at the Vayu  kitecamp...

Experience cultural excursions in Sri Lanka and try our custom activities like creativity workshops, cooking classes, birds watching & ornithology...

300+ days of Kitesurfing!

kitesurfYou will experience endless flat water spots around the kitecamp. Mannar is a great place to practice kiteboarding in a peaceful surrounding of nature, away from crowds.  The camp is managed by Dil and Leo who also set up Kitesurfing Lanka in Kalpitiya. Incidentally Dil was the first person to Kite on the Adam's Bridge and was his dream to finally set up a Kitesurfing Business here! See our story here.

We provide beginners lessons but our speciality is advance courses.  Zac, our coach, will bring you to the next level. 

Kite Safari

Let us organise your perfect kite trip & safari, whether you want to downwind all day, rip it in the flat water, or camp under the stars we’ve got excursions running multiple times per week. We organise as well luxuries kite trip and downwind trip on a nice catamaran.

Food & Beverage

Fine cuisine: you will discover a wide variety of local and international cuisine. Let us surprise you! All vegetables and fruit are freshly picked in Mannar area. 
Seafood brought daily by the local fisherman. All day round, enjoy our free tea coffee and water bar!

We have many Sustainability Projects going on, feel free to inquire and join in the cause. We are the first and most enthusiastic Kiters in Sri Lanka.

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Transport to the airport

or anywhere in the country are provided.

We can help you to organize tours in the island.

Be the First Guest ! Vayu opens in June 2017.

Localize Kitesurfing Mannar Kitecamp on a map

The kite camp is located on the north west part of Sri Lanka, at Adam's Bridge Talaimannar. Zoom on the map below.